Frequent questions about Ecuador

Most frequent questions and answers

¿How old do I have to be in order to be able to apply to the programs?

We can receive volunteers over 18 years old and, in some cases we have special programs for students over 14 years old.

¿What is the duration of your programs?

You can apply to our short-term programs  which can be from 2 to 16 weeks length. Or you can apply for long-term volunteering or student, where program length can go from 6 to 12 months; with the possibility to extend your stay up to 1 year.

¿How much does the program cost and what are the payment methods?

¿What kind of projects do you have?

We have a wide variety of social project such as: education, music, environmental matters, child labor eradication, work with animals, gender violence prevention, among others. These projects might be located either in rural and urban areas. Contact us and we will gladly send you more details.

We have programs from USD 600 onwards, you can contact us to have specific investment according to your program’s preferred choice. All payments are made either by bank transfer or deposit.

¿Will I work on the project I choose?

In general, all volunteers work on one of the 3 options they choose, in case it is not feasible, they are notified in advance, to find a joint solution.

¿What are the host options?

We have builded through years a trusted host family network, which has passed through our security filters. Another option is to get the hosting directly from our approved project.Either case, It is always guaranteed they will provide you with lodging and food.

¿What if I have an emergency, who helps me?

We have a 24/7 emergency telephone number and a secureness protocol. In case of a crisis or an emergency; you can call there and FIIDES staff will guide you and help with the situatión. In the case of hospitalization, FIIDES accompanies you during it.

¿Will there be more volunteers in my project or in the city where I will live?

We receive a large number of volunteers per year, and we also hold monthly events so that they can get to know each other.

¿What does the cost I have paid for my program include?

We include the support papers to apply for a volunteer visa. Also shuttle service to and from the airport. Three preparation and evaluation camps. Spanish classes (if you are a short-term volunteer this has a small extra cost). 

Pocket money for small expenses and money to travel from your home to the project and from the project to your home. In addition, a host family or project that will also provide you with food and lodging. An Ecuadorian mentor who will guide you in cultural questions and a contact in case of emergency.

¿Do I need a visa to be a volunteer?

If you are a long-term volunteer, you do need a visa. We sponsor you and send you the necessary documents to request it in your country of residence. We also guide you through the process in case you have questions.

¿What are the arrival dates?

We are open to receive you at any time of the year, if you are a short-term volunteer, you only have to send us your documents one month before starting your program. If you want a long-term program, the entry dates are January and August.

¿What vaccines do I need for Ecuador?

In reality, there is no mandatory vaccination requirement to enter the country, but we recommend the following, in addition to a prior review with your trusted doctor: Hepatitis A, typhoid and rabies.

¿Who buys the air tickets?

The price of the program does not include air tickets, therefore you are responsible for managing them.

¿Is health insurance mandatory?

Yes, you cannot be part of the program if you do not have medical insurance before entering the country. This cost is not included in the cost of the program that we offer you.

¿Can I apply to the program with my friend or my brother?

Yes, we have families that would be open to host two people, as well as projects open to receive more than one volunteer.

¿Do I need any preparation or have studied something to be a volunteer?

No, the main requirement is to be motivated and willing to help and learn.

¿What happens if I do not have knowledge of the Spanish language?

It doesn’t matter, you are still welcome. Long-term volunteers have classes included, but if you are a short-term volunteer, we offer classes at a small extra cost. You should know that many of the volunteers learn the language during the daily coexistence process.

¿How long should I work, will I have time to travel and get to know the country?

If you are a long-term volunteer, you have the right to two days of vacation for each month worked, in addition to weekends and national holidays. If you are a short-term volunteer, you have the option of traveling once you finish your program or during your volunteering on weekends and national holidays.

¿Will I have internet?

Almost all the areas in which we work have internet (except for projects in rural areas), although it is not a requirement for our families, it is very easy to find a way to have internet.

¿Will I have any kind of preparation before starting?

Yes, we will prepare you for your work as a volunteer, but also on cultural and security issues in the country.

¿How much money do I need to live in Ecuador during my program?

Remember that the program covers you, lodging, food and transportation. However, we understand that you will want to know places, travel and meet people, so that you have an idea we leave you the following price list.

A 500 ml Coke $ 0.60

Bus ticket to the nearest beach from Quito (7 hours) $ 10

One lunch (soup, main course, dessert and juice) $ 3.50

A cappuccino $ 3

Movie ticket $ 6

bus $0,25-0,35

¿How are telecommunications in Ecuador, can I take the cell phone that I currently use in my country?

If you don’t have a cell phone that you can bring, don’t worry, we will advise you on how to buy one at a low cost and how to activate it for the Ecuadorian system.