2 - 22 WEEKS


If you only want to volunteer in Ecuador between 2 or 22 weeks. This option is for you!!!

Short-term volunteering leaves all of our volunteers great experiences. You will have the opportunity to get to know the culture from the inside. Live with a local family, learn to speak spanish, dance salsa and at the same time working on the projects helping vulnerable people. They all take great memories of Ecuador and leave us with our hearts full of satisfaction for their effort and dedication in each project.



I have been working for 4 and a half months on a project called “COVI” which is a school of children with low-resources. Time runs so fast, and I have never learned and experienced so much in such a short time. This project provides love and affection to children that grow up in difficult environments. What I like most about the project is the warm and trustworthy atmosphere. The first day I felt very comfortable and welcome. The children are friendly, sweet and full of energy. We have fun and enjoy every day, never became bored or monotonous. No day is the same as other,  and every day bring a new adventure and a lot of fun.