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Our Programs

High School Exchange Program

This program is designed for young students aged 15 to 18.

You will have the opportunity to spend a year studying at an Italian or German high school. In addition to learning a new language and gaining insight into the Italian educational system, considered one of the best in Europe, you will experience living with a host family in this country. You’ll immerse yourself in their customs and way of life, and have the unique chance to benchmark your academic knowledge and skills against those of European peers.

Volunteering in Ecuador

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture. Living with a local family, learning to speak Spanish, dancing salsa, and simultaneously contributing to projects aiding vulnerable individuals.

Everyone leaves Ecuador with fond memories, and they leave us with hearts full of satisfaction for their effort and dedication to each project.

Teaching program

The teacher exchange program is an opportunity that allows Ecuadorian educators to immerse themselves in an educational experience in the United States. This program focuses on promoting cultural exchange and mutual enrichment between teachers from Ecuador and American school communities.

Volunteering Abroad

“This program offers volunteers the opportunity to develop new work and lifestyle habits, learn a new language, and, most importantly, the ability to carry out their current and future tasks with greater initiative. It also prepares them better for any future academic experiences abroad.

Germany Scholarships

Becas sur – norte: The south – north component Weltwärts emerges to enable global learning processes worldwide. The vision is to send young people from countries in the global south, such as Ecuador, so that they can learn and engage in the working environment of partner organizations in Germany; allowing participants to contribute with intercultural perspectives and learn about work and social practices in Germany.


About Us

What is Fiides?

We are a non-governmental organization founded with the aim of providing our participants with opportunities to explore and harness their potential while becoming global citizens.

We offer our participants the chance to discover other parts of the world from a much deeper perspective. Beyond learning a new culture or language, our volunteers promote individual and collective actions that transform them into agents of change, contributing to the creation of a better world. The work our volunteers undertake involves practical and tangible tasks that directly impact the Sustainable Development Goals.