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El Programa

Teaching Program

The teacher exchange program is an opportunity that allows Ecuadorian educators to immerse themselves in an educational experience in the United States. This program focuses on promoting cultural exchange and mutual enrichment between teachers from Ecuador and American school communities.


Benefits of the Experience


  • Age 25 or older – No age limit.
  • Have the motivation to live and work for at least 3 years in a school in the United States.
  • Have a B2 level of English.
  • Have at least two years of full-time teaching experience.
  • Be currently employed.
  • Be motivated to have an intercultural education experience.
  • Hold at least a bachelor’s degree in education or a related academic field.
  • Have professional teaching experience for more than two years.


* In case of not working as a teacher in your home country at the time of application, you must have at least two years of full-time teaching experience in the last eight years and be pursuing a degree (fourth level) in education or a related academic field.

Additional Requirements

  • Meet the state teaching eligibility requirements (in the U.S.) where you will teach.
  • Provide required criminal background checks.
  • Have a good reputation and character.
  • Be proactive.

Preguntas Frecuentes


Can I choose the state within the USA where I will work?

We are working with 25 states, so it’s better for the teacher to be open to working in any state. This way, the teacher has more job opportunities, and we can send their resume to more schools. If they are looking for a specific state, it can be done, but we cannot guarantee that schools in that state will hire them.

Can the work period be extended beyond 5 years?

No, the teacher must return to their country for two years, and then they can reapply to the program for another 5 years. That’s a requirement of the J1 visa.

Would we have medical assistance if we get sick?

Yes, part of the requirements within the program is to have medical insurance. You can either purchase it through Intrax or any company that provides international health insurance. Some schools also provide insurance to teachers, and in the event of an emergency, the teacher could choose the insurance that provides the most coverage. The insurance costs $550 annually.

I am an English teacher, can I apply

Yes, any type of teacher can apply to the program. It is not limited to language teachers; it can be a teacher of mathematics, biology, art, physical education, music, etc

The translation of documents must be done by a notary

No, it can have the official signature of a translator; notarization is not required.

The two years of experience must be in a school and high school, or can they also be in a university

The law for application states that you need to have two years of experience without specifying whether it should be in a school, high school, or university. However, when applying to schools, it’s important for them to see that you have experience working with children or adolescents. If you only have experience teaching at a university, there’s a possibility they may not choose you because there is a need for teachers with experience in working with children and adolescents. This doesn’t mean you can’t apply; you can still apply and give it a try. Ultimately, it depends on the school whether they select you or not.

How long does the process take from when you apply until you start working there?

Depends, it depends on how quickly the teacher submits all the documentation, and it also depends on how fast the schools start conducting interviews. Some schools begin interviewing as early as December.

But it could take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months; there’s no specific set time.

When would be the departure date for the teachers who are about to start the application?"

Normally, schools start the academic year in the month of August. Some schools may request teachers to arrive in July to open a bank account, obtain a Social Security number, secure housing, etc. This month could be used to prepare and start working, avoiding the need to go through these processes while already on the job.

What is the minimum age, and what is the maximum age?

There is no minimum or maximum age; the only issue with individuals older than 65 is that medical insurance does not cover them, and having insurance is part of the program requirements.

What percentage of teachers obtain the visa?

We haven’t seen teachers being denied the visa because if the person has already reached the interview stage, it means they have gone through the application process with Intrax and have all the documentation. However, we are not the ones processing the visas, and there can always be a denial.

How does the issue of dependents work?

Only legally married spouses and children under 21 years old are eligible to apply; common-law partnerships are not eligible.

If selected, who decides the job or the grade level I will work in?

The school decides based on the teacher’s resume and the school’s needs. During the interview, they will specify for which course they need the teacher.

If I don't have a B2 English proficiency level, what happens?

You could study until you reach proficiency and apply for the program next year because this program opens every year.

If I work as an independent contractor, can I apply?

As long as you have a school or college that can validate your experience, and you are a full-time teacher.

Does the contract start at the moment of beginning to work or before?

The contract begins on the first day of classes.

Is it possible to aspire to a higher salary than $4500 per month?

It depends on each school, each state, each district is different. It’s not seen less, but it could be more than $4500 per month.

Is there a specific resume format?

Yes, you can request it at 099 920 1000.

Do criminal records expire?

In Ecuador, the expiration period is 3 months.

Which states do you have agreements with?

For private schools, it can be any state. For public schools, we currently have agreements with 25 states.

Can the documents be submitted before making the payment?

Yes, you should send the documents first to verify that you meet the requirements.

What do teachers do during the vacations?

It depends on each school; that should be asked during the interview. Often, they may inquire if you would like to teach in the summer school with extra pay.

Do the expenses for transportation and housing fall under the responsibility of the teacher?

Yes, Intrax sends them an approximate amount of how much their first month in the USA would cost so that they can be prepared with the necessary funds until they receive their first salary.

Does the teacher have to find their own housing

Between the school and Intrax, we help all teachers find housing. Some schools offer temporary housing while the teacher looks for a place.

Do you receive a salary during the vacations?

It depends on each school. Some schools offer 12-month contracts, and teachers do receive a salary during vacations, while others may not. This should be asked during the interview.

Can you go to your home country during vacations?


Can I work in something else during vacations?

No, they are only authorized to work at the school that hires them.

My husband would go as a dependent, can he work?

Yes, they must fill out a work permit documentation that lasts a few months, but with that permit, he can work without any issues.

How does the education for dependent children work?

All children have free education from the age of 4, and in some schools, the children study in the same school where the teacher works.

How do the school contracts work?

The schools provide a 1-year contract, and this is linked to the visa renewal, which is done through Intrax each year.

Can you travel with pets?

Yes, with all the paperwork in order.

Which states are the most recommended?

It depends a lot on the person’s lifestyle and preferences, such as whether they like the beach, small towns, big cities, or small cities. It depends on what each person likes.

I have a university degree in a different field than education, and I have been teaching for many years. Can I apply?

In order to teach in a public school in the U.S., it is necessary to have a teaching license, which requires a university degree in education. Therefore, having a university degree in education is necessary to be eligible to participate in our program.