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Luisa Roth in Germany

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My name is Luisa, I am 18 years old and finished school this year in Germany. Now I stayed 2 months here in Ecuador and worked in the Jardin Alado close to Quito. Here the time went by so fast! I took care of rescued animals like Parrots, birds of prey, rabbits and even a Ocelot! The other workers of the garden were so friendly  and I felt very familiar to them from the first day on. 

At work I also met two other volunteers from Germany and we got very good friends. In the lunch break we always could enjoy the wonderful view over the city and the mountains around us.

Thank you all for this unforgettable experience!

My host family welcomed me kindly from the first day on. They always said: » Our house is your house» and on the weekends I was invited to birthday Partys or family dinners and got to know grandparents, Cousins, aunts and uncles. That also helped a lot to improve my Spanish skills. 

I spent a lot of my free time together with other volunteers and took the chance to get to know different parts of the country! The landscape is increible and I learned so much about the ecuadorian culture. I want to thank FIIDES, ODI and all the people I met here and who made this experience possible and so unforgettable for me!

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