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Salsa clases and intercultural experiences

– By Johanna, Kai and Lisa

 Latin America, Latinas who move their hips elegantly, upbeat music and crazy dance nights. This is an important part of the culture here in Ecuador. After a few experiences in salsa bars and night clubs we decided to learn the typical dances from Ecuador so we can be part of the cultural experience.

 Our dance school: Kiramspot 

For already two months we are visiting  the Salsa and Batchata classes of the dance school Kiramspot three times a week. We became aware of the dance school during a workshop on the “weltwärts day”. The dance school is near to our home and located in the road Shyris and Nationes Unidas near the Quicentro shopping mall.

In these classes, we have met other German volunteers who also wanted to learn to dance from the beginning as well as many Ecuadorians who are as well participate in the classes. We are all very glad that we also met Ecuadorians, because it is a very different way to learn to dance and it is also fun to communicate with each other in Spanish. The dance classes are of course in Spanish and because of that we  were able to improve our Spanish skills a lot. During the dances you make jokes or you have time to talk with new friends during the breaks. It’s also great to talk with them about our experiences in Ecuador and share information for example,  about traveling. We are so grateful for all the recommendations from people who know their country best and have already experienced and seen a lot. 

In the classes we are learning the steps of Salsa and Bachata, but we are also getting to know the music of the country. This is a great way to connect with people in our daily lives because we express interest in their culture and have a topic of conversation. Language barriers can also be overcome by sharing knowledge of traditional dances and music.

Both Salsa and Bachata are partner and group dances, which reflects an additional variety in addition to the many different steps. Dancing improves not only your athletic skills but also your coordination, balance and agility. Besides these aspects, dancing is a lot of fun and you can switch off after a long day at work and forget everything else and focus only on dancing and the new steps.

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